Rabbi Ralph Messer teaching Defiant adult and children

Defiant Adults & Children

Are you defiant? Do you find yourself raising up a generation of defiant ones? What is defiance? What is the meaning of defiance in God’s eyes?

We have all heard of the “strong-willed child”, maybe you even know one or two. Perhaps you have noticed that defiance in our society today is systematically destroying families, businesses even our culture. Many wonder if there is an answer to these fundamental issues of dishonor and disrespect. Rabbi Ralph Messer explores various personality types and some of the “dances” we may observe when dealing with the defiant ones among us.

Discover how rebellion is different from defiance and how one may be easier to spot than the other. If you are at your wits end, purchase Defiant: Adults and Children, then you will be equipped to apply the information to yourself and become a better parent, employee, and boss. If you only buy one teaching this year, this is the one that will improve your life and the one you will want to share with others.