ManUp Rabbi Ralph Messer teaching family

Man Up – Straight Talk to Men Vol 2

Man. When someone says that word some may be offended or even ambivalent, thinking that the term is loosely applied to all mankind. Still others may feel a longing for deeper understanding of this word and its exact meaning.

To guard is when there is a sense or possibility of an attack. To protect is an act of defense in the midst of an assault. Yet the frontal assault on men and family has waged throughout history and is now reaching its peak.

Being a man is much more than defining his gender; it’s about understanding the purpose of his life. Regardless of temperament, when God created man He created him with specific strengths. And what could be seen as a weakness is perfectly designed to be absorbed and covered by God through the appointed woman.

In the second edition of Straight Talk to Men, Rabbi Messer continues to challenge conventional wisdom/understanding and venture beyond the ledge of social conformity into the biblical waters of truth and freedom.