Jesus of islam chrsitianity

Allah/Jesus Bar Abbas vs Jesus the Messiah

There are Two Jesus’?

Jesus–Did you know there are two? There is no denying that He existed and walked the earth. If you are from a Christian background you are familiar with the Jesus of the Bible. But did you know that the Muslim religion also has a Jesus? In both religious systems Jesus has had an impact and influence throughout the centuries. Although He is the way, the truth and the life, the essence and truth of who Jesus really is continues to be convoluted and distorted across religions, cultures, nd even among the body of believers today.  We must acknowledge the impact, influence, and the related controversy that surrounds every part of His life and ministry.

Which Jesus do you Beleive in?

This teaching, Allah Jesus Bar-Abbas VS. Jesus the Messiah, is one that penetrates straight to the core of the erosion that is plaguing our country and believers in Christ. Do you believe in Jesus? Which Jesus do you believe in? After listening to this teaching by Rabbi Ralph Messer, there will be no mistaking that one not only needs to believe in Jesus, but truly know which Jesus you believe in and take a stand with Him.