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Early Registration with 10% Discount: 11/11/18–12/08/18

Normal Registration: 12/09/18–1/05/19

Late Registration with 10% Late Fee: 1/06/19–2/16/19

Classes Begin the week of 2/17/19

For questions, email ICTS@STBM.org


STBM & Ralph Messer welcome you to the International Center for Torah Studies program. We have created this life-changing program to help you reach your potential, improve your life and in turn, improve the world.  Learn more about our upcoming classes in your area by calling toll-free, 1-866-867-2488.

The ICTS Program is a multi-level, multi-media curriculum facilitating college-style courses in classrooms locally, and available exclusively online.

This ICTS program uses the STBM Companion Workbook™ and award-winning Companion Textbook™ whose stunning full-color design appeals to every type of student, including those who learn best by seeing and listening – called audio/visual learners.

The Courses are specifically designed in graduated learning tracks. Students are required to complete the courses in order.


The International Center for Torah Studies presents 10 university-style courses. Each online course contains up to 30 one-hour video classes and multi-media learning tools including interactive review programs as well as full-color, fully illustrated Companion Textbooks.

(Each online course is 16 weeks long, via the ICTS website.)

Please contact us for more details on class prices and details.


STBM and the International Center for Torah Studies currently offer “Certificates of Completion” for each Level of the Kol-Bo Program, for our facilitated classroom settings.

Future ICTS classes, curriculum, and online courses may meet University standards for Accreditation and/or Certification.

Due to the unique nature and content of the ICTS Curriculum, we encourage you to check with your College or University to inquire about course Credits and Credit Transfer.

Sign up today and get started on reaching your potential, improving your life and in turn, improving the world today!

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In-Class Facilitated Class



1. Simply click on the button above to complete the paperless application.

2. Optional: If you have chosen to also do Optional Web Access please contact us at ICTS@stbm.org for instructions on how to create an account for yourself with our online school.

3. A package of all your class materials will be shipped to your house before class starts!


Full Online Class

1. First-time students, start by completing the Registration Form. The Username and Password you choose will be confirmed by email within minutes.

2. With your new username and password, you may log in to your ICTS control panel to submit an Enrolment Application to ICTS.

3. Your enrolment confirmation will be sent to you by email. You are now cleared to start your course online!

4. A package of all your class materials will be shipped to your house before class starts!