Hebrew Roots Revival teaching - STBM

Building a Nation Volume 4

Every human has a purpose but not every human discovers that purpose which would lead them to their potential. Purpose is the very reason for your existence but the potential inside of you can change the world.

Purpose serves in the seen realm, potential, in the unseen realm. But how does one find and successfully operate in that potential? Everything you do in life is tied to your potential. Contained within you is the potential to change the world. What would the world have lost had you never been born?

Come along on this wild ride as Rabbi Messer teaches us how a culture can take over a nation; how there is a war raging over the control of our soul; and why it is necessary to find our purpose and not be afraid to fail on our way to fulfilling our potential. Learn the differences between your soul and spirit as well as how to navigate the pitfalls of success and the growth opportunities of failure. Gain valuable tools to take Torah to the nations and, thus, build the nation that Yahweh has envisioned all along.