You Have Your Mom’s Eyes – Vol-2 – Mrs. Messer

Is there any area of your life that you just can’t get the victory over? Where you feel helpless or powerless? Maybe a sin you have confessed over and over and still don’t have the victory? You’ve told God you would never do this again and you find yourself right back there doing it. It is not a weakness, it is bondage and you can be free of it!

Join Mrs. Messer in Volume 2 of this series as she teaches us how to become free by properly removing unclean spirits from our lives, as well as how to shut spiritual windows and doors so that they can’t return. Be encouraged! God wants us all free so we can set others free, free indeed!


Mrs Messer Mikveh service

You Have Your Mother’s Eyes and Fathers Feet – Mikveh Service

Children are a reflection of their parents. All the good and the bad are transmitted from parents to their children. This transmission is biological, psychological and spiritual. Genes, attitudes and spirit from parents are passed on to the offspring. They are transmitted through our DNA! Sometimes, as parents, we pass on generational blessings and other times generational curses.

If parents become free from shortcomings in their attitudes and behavior, children will be more able to be set free from these things. Or maybe you have been held in bondage your whole life from things you inherited in your DNA from your generations. What generational curse is stopping you and your lineage from being free?

In volume 1 of this new Mikveh series, Mrs. Messer will help you to identify, confess, repent, turn, and be delivered from curses that your parents passed to you, which will enable you to walk out what pleases God – so your children can be freed from curses that plagued you and instead overtaken by the blessings that come when we are pleasing to God.

hebrew Roots Mrs Messer Teaching

Mrs. Messer Teaching – Unqualified

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness, And rivers in the desert.- Isaiah 43:19

The definition of qualified is this: to be fit by training, skill, or ability for a special purpose. To be qualified is likened unto a war horse, an animal that never gives up in the battle. We go through trials for our own growth. The Lord Himself places us in these situations so that we can be the very best one for the task. Sometimes we have to qualify because our spouse is being qualified for something. Or our children are being qualified and we must qualify alongside them so that they can reach their potential. Whatever you’re going through is not for you, it’s for someone else.

Mrs. Messer brings another teaching that will help us to get to where God needs us to be in His Kingdom. She shows us the pitfalls we’ll face if we are not diligent to listen to instruction. She shows us the way to get through the wilderness – and to get our families through the wilderness also – in the shortest possible time. If you struggle with the tests in your life, learn from someone who is well-qualified to guide you through the wilderness. God wants to move you from the place of unqualified to qualified.