STBM Clermont, FL Annual Passover

On Thursday evening, April 9th, Simchat Torah Beit Midrash (STBM) hosted their annual Passover Seder at the Clermont Community Center in downtown Clermont. This sold-out event was led by Rabbi Ralph Messer, founder and President of STBM. He led the 250 attendees through the Haggadah, as they ate the Seder meal consisting of lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Rabbi Messer taught on the threshold covenant, and what it means to have Jesus, the Passover Lamb, carry us over the threshold of the blood stained door post and enter into the Father’s house.

The origins and customs of the ancient Passover threshold covenant reflect the secrets of the Father’s house, in other words, God’s relationship with those of His covenant. By entering into this Blood covenant with Jesus Christ, the God of Israel, you agree to the lifestyle of the Kingdom and all the guests who acknowledge the covenant made by blood will adapt to His will. This is the covenant connection to understanding the faith of our forefathers.

What was seen on April 9th during Passover was nothing less than a “revival” of Biblical proportions. Why are people returning to their Hebrew roots some might ask? Why is there an overwhelming response to the Feast Days of the LORD?

The growing STBM “Beit Midrash” (House of Study) is equipping serious-minded disciples in the study of the Hebrew understanding of Biblical covenants and making the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith come alive.

The otherwise unobvious understanding is that a greater substance of faith is being sought by believers of all denominations in their return to this timeless truth and knowledge of our heavenly Father – Jesus Christ.

At STBM, we follow the scarlet/crimson chord throughout sacred Scripture to Jesus Himself, the most prolific teacher of all time! You will be introduced to the Rabbi of Rabbis with a different historical spin. Watch as the ministry of Yeshua (Jesus Christ), captivate you beyond your wildest dreams. Your identity, in Christ, is phenomenally made manifest as you delve into this progressive revelation with purpose for your life.

We, Christians (Children of Israel), need to return to the Biblical foundational teachings that have revolutionized Jesus’ Ministry. You will be taken through the portals of “Ancient Times” 3500 years back into the Covenant teachings of our forefathers.

Our Rabbi, Rabbi Ralph Messer is a dynamic, inspirational teacher who has shared the Torah and the teaching of our forefathers for the last 36 years. He has dedicated his life to the journey of bringing the Messiah’s disciples back to God Himself, the Master Rabbi, Jesus Christ.

Serious Bible students have been flocking to the “Beit Midrash” experience and the teachings of Rabbi Messer from all over Central Florida for the last 5 years.

Join the STBM Community as we launch yet another exciting semester with a free 6-week introductory class entitled, “Torah: Law or Grace”, beginning Monday evening, May 4th at 7:00pm.

For more information about this unprecedented Kingdom movement and a free class, contact Denise at 407-347-8571.