The Love of Money – Rabbi Messer Teaching

Join Rabbi Messer as he goes head-to-head against an ancient evil spirit still plaguing us today called mammon. Mammon is much more than just “money” or even simply a love of money; rather, it is an evil spirit that attempts to set itself up as equal to God. Mammon is a named evil spirit behind the idolatry of money–not money itself–but the idolatry of money. Did you know mammon is the spirit of the anti-christ?Everyone needs to hear this teaching so that they can learn to identify the spirit of mammon within its many disguises and remove its power from their lives. This message will teach you the quickest way to break the stronghold of mammon. There is a simple principle which strips mammon of its influence and leaves it powerless; do you know what it is?



You Have Your Mom’s Eyes – Vol-2 – Mrs. Messer

Is there any area of your life that you just can’t get the victory over? Where you feel helpless or powerless? Maybe a sin you have confessed over and over and still don’t have the victory? You’ve told God you would never do this again and you find yourself right back there doing it. It is not a weakness, it is bondage and you can be free of it!

Join Mrs. Messer in Volume 2 of this series as she teaches us how to become free by properly removing unclean spirits from our lives, as well as how to shut spiritual windows and doors so that they can’t return. Be encouraged! God wants us all free so we can set others free, free indeed!


Perfection at its best vol2 Rabbi messer

Perfection At Its Best Vol. 2 – Rabbi Messer

In the continuation of this series, Perfection At Its Best, you will learn about the five representational cups that will take us all the way from sanctification to the restoration of the tabernacle of David. Then, see prophetically how these five cups parallel five steps the bride of Yeshua will complete prior to her bridegroom’s triumphant return.

Through a layered approach, Rabbi Messer lays out definitions of multiple complex Hebrew words revolving around marriage. With this foundation he then reveals to the audience how God methodically placed these words within the Old Testament scriptures as a hidden message for His bride.

Furthermore, this series takes an in-depth look at how the marriage between Isaac and Rebekah from beginning to end is a prophetic picture of Yeshua marrying His bride. Rebekah was willing to leave her country and follow Isaac to the Promised Land. The bride of Christ must be willing to do the same. To accept this calling is to accept the perfect will of Yahweh in the life of each believer and by doing so, we will become the bride of Christ just as Rebekah became the bride of Isaac.