Circumcision - hebrew roots teaching Christianity

Circumcision Beautiful or Barbaric


The subject of circumcision certainly evokes strong emotions. Some people think that circumcision is a barbaric tradition of mutilation; others believe it is a beautiful thing that is not only supported as a valuable preventative health measure but also a spiritual requirement from God for His people. What side is correct?

Are there medical benefits? Is this procedure spiritually required of God’s people?

In this teaching join Rabbi Messer as he and Dr. Howard Weinberg, a doctor and certified mohel, walk through the discussion of circumcision, brit milah and the questions that surround this sensitive topic.

You will be amazed and Rabbi Messer brings a prophetic message to us all about this subject. Circumcision has been misunderstood in the Church way to long. It is time to bring the Hebrew Roots Revival teachings and correct any misunderstandings on these very important topics.

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