A testimony of gratitude-rabbi-ralph-and-mrs. messer

Follow a Torah Leader

Pastor Ron Smith Testimonial


My wife and I lead the His Cloud of Glory Community in Chicago.  When the Lord blesses you, first, He transforms your heart, and then He gives you the gift of people who truly love Him, coming into your life.  The gift and blessing of Rabbi Messer, his wife Mrs. Messer, and the entire Messer family, has impacted not only our immediate family, but our church family, our community in Elgin, IL, and many others in our global sphere of influence.


We have come into Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom in the Torah through following and adapting to a great leader and teacher, in Rabbi Ralph Messer.  Not only have we grown as leaders through Rabbi and Mrs. Messer’s leadership, not only through their example of the application of the walk of the Torah in their own lives, but through the example we witness in the lives of the many others within the STBM family who have also adapted to their leadership.


We have found our STBM family to be loyal and faithful to the mission of Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) in taking Torah to the nations.  Since embarking upon our wonderful journey in Biblical Torah, we have discovered when something “ain’t” broke, don’t fix it and never add your own definition to it.  Since experiencing the joy of the Torah at STBM, and the pattern for sharing the blessing of a Shabbat experience with others, our community has become an extension of STBM in many ways.  Our community is a fruit that has not fallen far from the tree of STBM!


We are so grateful to be a part of God’s movement on the Earth with our STBM family. Through this wonderful partnership and family we have been able to bring the pattern of STBM to our region successfully.  We have been able to establish great relationships with other great leaders within the STBM network who are also in the walk of the Torah throughout the country.  We have seen many lives come back to God’s teaching and instruction, and we know that this is only the beginning!


Thank you Rabbi, Mrs. Messer, Pastors Will and Nicole, Pastor Russell and Dina, Grant, Brandon and Heidi, Aaron, Moriah, the Pastors and staff of STBM, and the loyal family of STBM for your unwavering commitment and personal sacrifices that you have made publicly and behind the scenes so that the Biblical message of the Torah could come to not only us, but ultimately to the nations, as many as the Lord YHVH has called.  We love you all!