A Few Good Men - Rabbi Ralph Messer

A Few Good Men

Who do you reflect?

We should be reflecting God in everything that we say and do. Although we are to reflect God, we are not God. We must be very careful to not judge others who in our eyes we see as sinning when, in truth, they are yearning for an encounter with Him and their opportunity for that is through us.
In order to reflect Him we must die to our own intentions, motives and even to ourselves. How many of us have allowed tests, trials, hurt, and disappointment to determine whether or not what we see as a negative is actually God strengthening and equipping us as leaders? How many people never serve God because they choose not to die to themselves?
Every test and trial is divinely designed to make you stronger, but you get to choose the mindset with which you handle adversity. Will you allow yourself to be strengthened or will you allow your own will to weaken you, giving strength to the adversary? Are you willing to be the leader that God wants you to be or will you fight Him every step of the way? No one has truly succeeded without serving. True service is forgetting your self and focusing on others regardless of recognition.
If you are ready for change and willing to allow God to work in and through your heart then this is the teaching for you.