Rabbi Ralph Messer DVD Teaching

Jacob’s Ladder of Success

Success defined in the Torah is not trying to be better than someone else but just trying to be the best that you can be.

You have control over that; you don’t have control over someone else. If you get too involved in the things of which you have no control, it will prevent success and development in the things of which you do have control.

This teaching skillfully and methodically lays out vital steps and countless real life Torah principles that when applied promise success. Examine the lives and stories of several biblical characters and come away with literal biblical concepts such as the benefits of hard work and how God designed us to reach our potential by including others in the Torah vision Yahweh gave to us.

Rabbi Messer comprises all this information and overlays it with the prophetic understanding of the bride of Christ. Through this presentation we are able to make a connection which may have previously eluded us of how our success in walking out Torah plays a direct role in being the bride of Christ.