Korah - the Woman behind the man Mrs Messer

Korah – The woman Behind the Man

Wives are imbued with great influence over their husbands.

As women, we can bring honor or destruction to our husbands. We can sow rebellion into the family or we can sow an attitude of obedience. When we choose to follow the commandments God placed before us, then our families exhibit God’s blessing and honor in the community.

If you are a married woman – or a woman who plans to marry – then this may be the most important teaching you can hear to help you become the Godly wife your man needs.

Mrs. Messer artfully explores Korah’s Rebellion. Korah: the man who encouraged 250 members of his family to confront Moses concerning his leadership amongst the tribes in the wilderness. Korah was the reason that 250 families – FAMILIES – lost their lives when the earth opened up and swallowed them alive. But was Korah the only cause of this destruction? Could Mrs. Korah have been partly behind the failure?

There is little doubt that Korah was full of rebellion. God gave him a wife to be his support and helpmeet. If there are signs of rebellion in your home, or if you want to be the best wife and mother you can be, hide this teaching in your heart and contemplate it deeply so you can become the wife God intended you to be.