Land Mines and Credit Cards

Maureen Messer has recently done several teachings on the things that we do to keep us from the Blessings mentioned in great detail in Deuteronomy 28. This series touches on many subjects, such as; Forgiveness, Apology, Vows/Oaths, Bitterness, and our Words.   These Land Minds have the potential to kill us, blow us up, and finally, cause our families loss and grief. In this teaching you will also hear about The Grace Card. You know, the one that we all used to pull out when we didn’t want to do the Commands, Statutes, and Judgments that God actually put in place for our protection from ourselves!

Torah Will Bring the Blessing

The Grace Card has been likened to a credit card that we carry for emergencies; the credit card that is to be used when our tire is flattened a week before payday, when we have to make an emergency trip back home and we don’t have the funds. We do, in fact, have a Grace Card issued by Yahweh. He made it available to us because He knows that we are human and subject to the sin of our forefathers. But, just like a credit card set aside for emergencies, it has a finite limit. And if we have used our credit card for sparkly things and fun things and things that are not emergencies, it won’t be there when the tire blows out or we have to get home to Momma.


So, too, the Grace Card. We cannot be pulling it out and using it so that we can purposely break a Principle. Sure, there will be times when we unknowingly enter a minefield and do something expressly forbidden in the Torah. When we find out, we may need to ‘charge’ that misstep. However, if we’ve used that card to cover our bad choices to ignore the Laws of Kashrut, to not keep the Sabbath, to lie and cheat and steal from our brothers and sisters, then what’s to be done when that card is really needed? What are you going to do then? How are you going to get out of the minefield?


Those of us who have come into Torah from the church have carried a few land mines with us into the synagogue. It’s about time we put away that Grace Card and begin walking out the Torah. It’s the Torah that will bring the Blessing. It’s the Grace Card, when used indiscriminately, which will hinder us. Jesus brought Grace but He lived the Torah.