Mrs Messer Mikveh service

You Have Your Mother’s Eyes and Fathers Feet – Mikveh Service

Children are a reflection of their parents. All the good and the bad are transmitted from parents to their children. This transmission is biological, psychological and spiritual. Genes, attitudes and spirit from parents are passed on to the offspring. They are transmitted through our DNA! Sometimes, as parents, we pass on generational blessings and other times generational curses.

If parents become free from shortcomings in their attitudes and behavior, children will be more able to be set free from these things. Or maybe you have been held in bondage your whole life from things you inherited in your DNA from your generations. What generational curse is stopping you and your lineage from being free?

In volume 1 of this new Mikveh series, Mrs. Messer will help you to identify, confess, repent, turn, and be delivered from curses that your parents passed to you, which will enable you to walk out what pleases God – so your children can be freed from curses that plagued you and instead overtaken by the blessings that come when we are pleasing to God.