Rabi Ralph Messer Teaching Perfection

Perfection At It’s Best

Yahweh has always desired – from the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden – to live, dwell, and have fellowship with man. Yahweh’s heart to do this is communicated to us in the Torah when Yahweh tells us that He desires to be spiritually married to a body of people who would love Him with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength and who would also be a royal priesthood.

Yahweh revealed this truth to the patriarchs of Israel. Through their lives, Yahweh communicated prophetic pictures of His redemptive plan through the Messiah as well as His desire to be married to a body of people in the earth who would be redeemed, sanctified, and a holy people unto Him. This body of people is the bride for which Yahweh sent His Holy Spirit to prepare them to meet and marry Yeshua, the bridegroom.

In this teaching, Perfection At Its Best, travel with Rabbi Messer through the scriptures to see the stunning prophetic picture that has eluded many of Yeshua, the bridegroom, marrying His future bride. Additionally, unearth the clues left throughout the Bible regarding just who is among the spiritual bride prepared to perfection, without spot or wrinkle. Will you be one of those counted at the wedding party as being the bride?