Rabbi Ralph Messer Teaching Peter Pan Principle Volume 1

Rabbi Messer – Peter Pan Principle Volume 1

Did you know Peter Pan is alive and well today?

In our society today we are seeing a sort of phenomenon take place with our male population: the growing trend that men just don’t want to grow up. Most people love the fantasy of never ever growing old.

Thanks to Peter Pan, his gang, and our current way of life, this fantasy has become quite possible in our culture. In a world that promotes adolescent behavior in grown men, where can men-young and old-learn how to become real men?

In Volume 1 of this series, The Peter Pan Principle, you will:

oLearn the common actions and mentalities that present themselves from single to married men living their lives as Peter Pans and the damaging effects of this lifestyle.

oAcquire a knowledge of the dark origins for many famous fairytale stories and their repackaging by today’s entertainment industry.

oStudy the parallels within the story of Peter Pan to Biblical characters and concepts.

oReview statistics on how the overabundance of Peter Pans in our society has contributed to the decline of men.

At the conclusion, Rabbi Messer responds to this culture that sends confusing signals to young men, a culture that is skeptic about what it wants men to be, with a clear and achievable notion of God’s idea of manhood, what is needed for these boys to become men, and what Biblical manliness really looks like.