Rabbi Ralph Messer teaches about john the baptist vs jesus followers

Rabbi Ralph Messer – John The Baptist Vs Jesus Followers

John the Baptist is referred to today by many as the precursor or forerunner of Jesus and even considered by some to be the most important man in the bible besides Jesus.

With great intensity John the Baptist came proclaiming the message, “the kingdom of heaven is near,” and he was the first man to publicly identify Jesus as the coming Messiah. Surely with all of this John the Baptist was the greatest supporter of Christ, right?

But what if that is not really quite the case?

Did you know?…

–Even as cousins John the Baptist suggested twice in today’s Gospel that he doesn’t know Jesus and questioned whether Jesus truly was the Messiah.

–John and Jesus had their own separate disciples.

–John the Baptist never became a disciple of Jesus.

In this teaching, join Rabbi Ralph Messer as he examines John the Baptist within the setting of Israel during biblical times. Learn what was the God given mission for John the Baptist, whether he fulfilled it and how his life continues to influence believers today.