Rabbi Ralph Messer Teachings peter Pan Principle

Rabbi Ralph Messer – Peter Pan Principle Volume 2

Volume 1 covered our culture’s promotion of adolescent behavior in men, the damaging results this has in our society, and different ways today’s ‘Peter Pan’ lives in Neverland – a type of ‘Fantasy-land.’

Continuing to build on this foundation, Volume 2 goes deeper into understanding just how fantasy works within our literal brains. Become aware of what within us as human beings fuels an insatiable desire to chase fantasy, trying desperately to make it a reality in our lives.

As well, learn how all of this comes to affect our feelings and thoughts ultimately driving us to respond with actions that are normally detrimental to our lives and those we love most.

Furthermore, examine how over decades we have wrongly applied a fantasy filter in several common interpretations of biblical scriptures surrounding undefined concepts such as heaven, hell, and the rapture.

Last but not least, Rabbi Messer brings us full circle by teaching us the true biblical and hebraic stance on each of these concepts, what to do when we struggle against unhealthy fantasies, and how to fight back against your brain when it works against you achieving the reality God wants for your life.