teshuvah volume 2 rabbi ralph messer teaching

Rabbi Ralph Messer – Teshuvah Volume 2

Teshuvah (Repentance)

Why did God take the risk of giving you free will knowing that you would sin against God or other humans?

In Teshuvah Volume 2, join Rabbi Messer as he teaches to answer this question and brings about a greater understanding of God’s original intention of teshuvah (repentance).

Solidify within your heart and mind that, more than you have faith in God, God has faith in you. Discover why, however many times you get it wrong, the Lord never ceases to believe in you, never ceases to think that you can reach the right, the good, and the holy.

Learn how to tell the difference between the role and the walk of the priest and the prophet – both of which God deeply desires to come together in you. Acquire knowledge of the beating heart of the Torah, experience the privilege of turning and returning to God, and feel His return to you.