Rabbi Messer Teachings origins Christmas

Rabbi Ralph Messer – The Astonishing Truth About Christmas Origins

Many of us have fond memories of the past sitting around the Christmas table during the Christmas season and celebrating the birth of our Lord with our loved ones, friends, and family. However, it is important that we understand why we do the things we do and why we believe the things we believe.

In this teaching Rabbi Ralph Messer works to show exactly where Christmas came from along with many of its traditions such as:

o Where Christmas originated and why we celebrate it.

o Where the Christmas tree and the star on top of it come from.

o Where Saint Nicholas (Santa) began.

o Why Santa says, “Ho-Ho-Ho.”

o Why December 25th is the day we celebrate Christmas.

o Whether God is pleased if we celebrate Christmas to worship Him for Jesus’ birth.

Additionally, learn how HaSatan has deceived many by using counterfeits and fables to disguises paganism with similarities of God’s truths. By the end of this teaching, you will have acquired a deep conviction to follow and observe the holidays God has instructed us to keep, and to rid your life of paganism that has snuck in and secretly ensnared you.