Rabbi Ralph Messer Teaching - the story of the glory

Rabbi Ralph Messer – the Story of the Glory

Rabbi Ralph messer teaches from the scriptures that, “As above in heaven so below on earth.” The King continually seeks to expand His territory to earth but the only way for Him to operate on the earth legally is through a human body. This is why God needs us; He colonizes earth with His redeemed people. We are the remnant who are to take His Torah to the nations. When the King’s holy presence is among the people we experience His Glory.

In this teaching, like an attorney, Rabbi Ralph Messer lays out with precision how God’s glory resides among His chosen people. Study the order of people within the Bible that God has selected to tabernacle with and abide within all the way from Adam to believers in Messiah today.

  • Are you among the chosen?
  • Does His glory reside among you?
  • Are you part of the story of His glory?