The Priesthood, The Anointing of Man

A good man obtains favor from the Lord, but a man of wicked intentions, He will condemn. A good man leave’s an inheritance to his children’s children (Pr. 12:2-4)

This starts with an idea. Are you formulating the idea to leave an inheritance to your children or to the generations that come after you? A good man thinks generationally, but in order for this to be accomplished one must never start with just himself and his children – it includes other children as well.

God is expanding His kingdom through us and this requires the use of uncommon, yet Godly sight. Sight that requires looking beyond the outward appearance of man. Sight that relies upon the faithfulness of God and not what man understands and comprehends. Learn to recognize The Priesthood – The Anointing of Man in yourself and others and stretch your spiritual limitations and expand your territory.