The Torah Principles of Manifestation Rabbi Messer

The Torah Principles of Multiplication – Rabbi Messer

In this teaching you are sure to love Rabbi Messer’s vivacious approach to examining the feeding of the 5000 within the context of our modern times. In his comedic technique of story telling he encourages you to put yourself in the shoes of the disciples and see, in your mind, what happened out there on the hillside when Yeshua performed one of His greatest miracles of multiplication.

Have you ever wished you could multiply your resources? Well, here’s good news: Yahweh is able to do it. Yahweh wants to bless and multiply our finances-just as He blessed and multiplied the two fish and the five loaves. You just need to learn the two very important Torah principles that are keys to multiplication in the Kingdom of God. The Torah principles of multiplication are as powerful today as they were on that Galilean hillside.