Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit

There is a spirit recorded in the Bible that operates in both men and women; it is a manipulating, controlling, insecure, jealous spirit. Its name is Jezebel and it comes out of insecurity and rejection.

The Jezebel spirit gets its way through intimidation, deception, lying, and fear. While all of us at one time or another are probably guilty of allowing this spirit to operate through us, what we may not be aware of is how this spirit affects us when it gains access to our lives through those closest to us.

Symptoms of this occurring in your life can range from exhaustion and isolation to depression and suicidal thoughts!

In this teaching, Rabbi Messer exposes the Jezebel spirit by revealing exactly how it operates. Are you under attack from the Jezebel spirit? Get this teaching and learn how to unmask the Jezebel spirit in your life today!