Teachings by Rabbi Ralph Messer 2016

Vision: Ruling on Earth – Rabbi Ralph Messer

God often gives us dreams – our vision – that confound us so that we do not attempt to fulfill them under our own means and power. How then do we begin to act on our vision in order to unlock God’s provision? Furthermore, when we begin to operate within our vision it stirs up both those who wish to see us succeed and those who would like to see our destruction.

How does one deal with these polar opposites?

In this series, every believer will learn what happens when stepping out in obedience to begin ruling on earth. Additionally, journey back in time to the days of John the Baptist and learn how even this biblical iconic man lost track of the vision for his own life and came to question what, exactly, was his own mission in the earth.

Join Rabbi Messer as he:

  • Empowers us to let go of preconceived ideas about who can get us where we want to go.
  • Warns us of obstacles we all face and how to overcome them.
  • Mentors us on avoiding the pitfalls of questioning our purpose and vision as God’s people.

If you have dreams and visions from God that are burning within your spirit to achieve, this is the teaching that will forever change your understanding and enable you to walk out that Vision: Ruling on Earth.