Teachings by Rabbi Ralph Messer 2016

Vision: Ruling On Earth Vol. 2 – Rabbi Messer

Grab your Bible and fasten your seatbelt as Rabbi Messer takes you on another wild ride!

In this second volume of Vision: Ruling on Earth, you’ll find out, through New and Old Testament scripture, just exactly how God’s vision for humanity ties into the vision God put inside you.

This teaching will give you an unshakeable faith that the Holy Spirit in you can speak the Words of Yeshua (Jesus) through you! Let God pour out His spirit upon you so that His vision goes forth in the earth in these last days.

This teaching gives you the tools to confidently “go” as Yeshua commanded, to walk as the early church walked with power. Let your resolution – your decision – become a revolution – your assignment. Be the Holy Priesthood you were created to be and prepare to make a difference starting today!