Rabbi Messer teaching - when you're on the verge

When You’re On The Verge

It’s difficult being in the nebulous place of not quite being where you are going and not being where you were; stuck between the steps of transitioning to another level of life and all of the discomfort and uncertainty that goes along with the process. This message is for those who are in transition.

Rabbi Messer supplies answers and encouragement in this teaching by examining the Book of Joshua–a book that fuels the faith of people who are about to slay something, take something, overcome something, and do something that they have never done before. The Book of Joshua is a powerful book which openly and unashamedly says that if you are going to possess the promises of Yahweh, you have to be prepared to fight for it. If it were easy, anyone could do it.

Learn to avoid being like the generation of the children of Israel which saw so much of Yahweh’s goodness and then fell short of the promise–they died in the wilderness wandering on the verge of, almost getting close to, but never attaining what they had set out to do. Instead, become an expert on being like the Joshua generation. Leave the verge and enter the Promise Land.