Simchat Torah Beit Midrash Hebrew Calendars & Study Guides

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Our 2017-2018 full-color calendars & study guides are available now.  Included in each calendar is:

  • 12-16 months of Torah portion Scripture readings*
  • Explanation of the biblical holidays with Scripture references
  • 10 Commandments & the 613 Principles
  • Convenient tear-out of the Torah portion readings to take with you wherever you go
  • Original photos & illustrations
  • And much more!

*All calendars except Declare His Glory Among the Nations are 16 month calendars & study guides.

Each of the 12 Tribes of Israel possess its own unique set of qualities and characteristics, and each is set apart and chosen by God. The beautiful and original photos and illustrations within this calendar masterfully reveal the 12 Tribes of Israel: In Modern Times

The heavens are telling the glory of God and are a marvelous display of His craftsmanship. The unique graphic artistry of Debbie Schermerhorn (of blessed memory) beautifully and brilliantly illuminates and reveals how incredible it is that even though God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways, the intricate design of the universe continually reveals Him and magnificently boasts to Declare His Glory Among the Heavens.

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