Join us for our Annual Corporate Chanukah Celebration and candle lighting!

We will have food, fellowship, and tons of fun!
Bring your family’s favorite chanukiah so it can be judged in our lively chanukiah contest! Don’t miss this opportunity to bond with your community while remembering this special holiday.

Which category does your last name fall in? Bring a dish to share!

A-M, come with your family’s favorite version of latkes (potato pancakes), or bring some veggies.

N-Z, come with your family’s favorite version of sufganiyot (jelly-filled doughnuts), or bring some fruit.

Creativity will be left up to you!


Have your family join us the morning of Saturday, December 8, 2018, for our annual Children’s Chanukah Shabbat in Denver, Colorado. Your kids will love participating in the events of this year’s Chanukah festivities! With dreidels, games, Chanukah story telling, and much more, it will be a celebration they won’t forget! Come on down and share in the joy of community during this Holiday of Light.