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With Spring comes the joyous holiday of Purim, the meaningful festival of Passover, and the powerful festival of Shavuot. Learn the significance of these holidays, and be prepared to celebrate!

Featured Purim Teachings

How did an adopted child rise to marry the King of Persia and become Queen of the empire? What can we learn from the events and people in the Book of Esther that we can apply to our lives today?

Follow the deliverance of the Jews, when all appears lost, and the promotion of Mordechai in the shadow of the gallows. Learn why the Book of Esther was given as a remembrance to future generations. Follow Ralph Messer as he traces The Footsteps of Esther.

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The Footsteps of Esther

Esther was a woman in the Bible at whom everyone can marvel. Not only was she able to captivate others by her physical appearance, which caused a king to choose her as his queen, she also had an equal reflection of inner beauty which enabled her to act in a way which changed the world.

In this teaching, join Ralph Messer as he examines where Esther acquired these qualities and abilities, and what character traits she walked in her entire life that prepared her for the one real defining moment of her existence. With this knowledge, we too can walk in The Character of Esther, have the hidden strength to take action, and can change the world.

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The Character of Esther

Could it be that the story of Purim found in the Book of Esther gives a message to the modern world? What can be learned and derived from the events that took place in the Book of Esther? Can the characters be found in today’s generation? Purim, the most joyous holiday in the Jewish calendar, is about the miracle of Jewish survival despite the relentless efforts of their enemies.

Take a look at Ralph Messer’s teaching, Purim: The Past, Present, and Future, and see how it parallels modern times. Whether or not you are familiar with the story of Purim, this teaching will enhance your life.

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Purim: The Past, Present, and Future

Featured Passover Teachings

Passover, the Festival of Freedom, commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from hundreds of years of cruel slavery in Egypt. In Hebrew, this festival is known as Pesach, meaning to “pass over” because God “passed over” the homes of the Israelites during the tenth and final plague: the Death of the Firstborn.

Throughout the world, Passover is celebrated each year with a special meal called a Seder. Seder means “order,” as this festive meal is done in a specific order which symbolizes the journey from slavery to freedom.

Learn the significance and history of this meaningful holiday, as Ralph Messer takes you through the story of Passover: The Festival of Freedom.

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Passover:  The Festival of Freedom, Volume 1

In Volume Two of Passover: The Festival of Freedom, continue to follow Ralph Messer through the Passover story. Passover is one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals, and celebrates one of the most important events in Jewish history: the Exodus from Egypt.

The Passover Seder is the focal point of this festival, and contains themes of freedom, deliverance, and redemption. Each item on the Seder plate is symbolic, abounding with inner meaning and insight.

Take a journey of spiritual growth and connect with Passover, then and now.

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Passover:  The Festival of Freedom, Volume 2

From Egypt to the present day, the festival of Passover symbolizes redemption and freedom.

In Volume Three of Passover: The Festival of Freedom, Ralph Messer continues to take you through the Passover story. Learn what it means to go from slavery, humiliation, and suffering to salvation, redemption, and freedom. What the Children of Israel went through is a timeless reminder that despite the tyranny of the past, you can still move forward into freedom. Discover how this powerful story can impact your life today, and bring a new meaning to purpose and promise.

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Passover:  The Festival of Freedom, Volume 3

Featured Spring Teachings

The spring festival of Passover is followed 50 days later by the holiday of Shavuot. Follow Ralph Messer through these spring festivals as he shows you the spiritual opportunity that can be gleaned from them, as well as the special significance they have to you personally.

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Biblical Spring Festivals

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