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Interested in RRM Subscriptions?


RRM Classic: Available in three formats

DVD ($80/month) or CD ($50/month)
•Minimum of 8 teachings delivered to you each month that are yours to keep!

Online Streaming ($50/month)
•Two new teachings uploaded once a week
•Access to over three months of previous teachings




RRM Prime Time ($30/month):

•24/7 Stations & 48 Hour Rebroadcast Access


RRM Premium

•Get both by upgrading your RRM Classic to RRM Premium
•Additional $15/month
•RRM Classic Teachings in Your Selected Format
•24/7 Stations & 48 Hour Rebroadcast

Are you looking to enjoy more of Ralph Messer and STBM from anywhere at anytime? 

Choose from three great options and price points:  RRM Prime Time ($30/mo), RRM Classic ($50/mo) and RRM Premium ($65/mo)!  Call us at 1-866-867-2488 to learn more or sign up online today!

Pay 11 months upfront and get the 12th month of your subscription free!

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